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Visualizing music

Polina Zinoviev first words were brush strokes, her first steps - cartoons. Polina Zinoviev grew up in the culturally rich atmosphere of a family of Moscow intellectuals of the seventies.
She was immersed in literature, music and painting from the very tender age, so she learned it as other kids learn to walk or ride a bicycle. Her father, the world famous Russian writer Alexandre Zinoviev was expelled from the USSR in 1978 and the family was sent into exile to Germany. From the cultural metropolis Munich in the very heart of Europe, the world opened to the young artist. At the same time, the precious heritage of Russian culture was conserved carefully. The artistic world of Polina Zinoviev has its roots in both the East and West.

Polina Zinoviev designed many book covers for Swiss, French and Italian publishing houses, worked as stage designer in several German theatres, but her artistic destiny is painting - painting music. She created "images of music", inspired by works of Shostakovitch, Vivaldi, Verdi, Beethoven, Prokofiev, Orff, turning sounds into lines and colours, visualizing images with strokes of her magic brush.

Sound and image became one, as we recently witnessed in her serial "Carmina Burana", where she painted daring pagan images to the powerful sounds of Carl Orff's pagan music. If you look at her pictures, you hear music; if you listen to the music, unforgettable images created by this talented and unorthodox artist stand out before your eyes.

Polina Zinoviev made successful exhibitions in Milan, Paris, and Geneva. Most of her "images of music" became part of the collections of world famous orchestra director Dmitri Kitajenko or internationally renowned "Music & Images" collector Franck Tamdhu.

The "Ring" is the first volume of a serial of opera books. It was inspired by majestic music of Richard Wagner, by his great and unique opus "The Ring of the Nibelung" with which he endeavoured to create a whole universe and mythical virtual world. Through the paintings of Polina Zinoviev, it opens itself to a new dimension. It is a "Gesamtkunstwerk"!

The drawings, expressive and bold, in connection with the clear text and the quotes of the fundamental Leitmotifs make this album not only an enormously enjoyable reading, listening and watching adventure, but also a comprehensive manual and a fairy tale-book. The music motifs blend sublimely with the paintings of complete rainbow of sentiments: dignity, love, despair, renunciation, rapture, joy, mourning, alienation, passion and hope…

Diane Deolen: "Polina Zinoviev - painting music", 2008


Exhibition poster Moscow 2008