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Decoding Wagner's Ring

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Meet the Characters
  • Rheingold

  • Walkure

  • Siegfried

  • Twilight of the Gods
  • Wotan
  • Rhinemaidens

  • Donner

  • Sieglinde

  • Siegfried

  • Erda

  • Mime the dwarf

  • The giants
  • Froh :

    The role is even more modest than that of his sister Freia. The theme is none other than that of the golden apples of youth. His sister calls him in vain for help, and Froh is the first one to greet her return.

    He is also the one that throws the bridge of the rainbow, which leads to Walhalla. The rare sung interventions are perfectly diatonic and the music, which is associated to him, is derived from the major accord.

    Why Froh? The only justification is of symbolic order. The couple, which he forms with Freia, is well balanced, Nattiez would say androgynous. The beauty is bisexual. Froh is the feminine counterpart of Freia, as Donner is her shadow.

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