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Decoding Wagner's Ring


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Meet the Characters
  • Rheingold

  • Walkure

  • Siegfried

  • Twilight of the Gods
  • Wotan
  • Erda

  • Froh

  • Loge

  • Alberich

  • Freia

  • Fricka

  • The giants
  • Donner :

    The god of the fights, Thor, plays the utilities here. He represents rough force and thus resists to the lance of treaties.

    He serves only for the representation of Wotan's aspect: the turbulent tension, which accumulates gradually at the end of the Rheingold, and at the beginning of Walküre.

    He will be replaced later by the Walkyries, to prefigure the turbulent thick clouds. (Cf. Prelude of "Siegfried" III-rd act.)


    Both gods are really allegorical figures. This created problems for the film directors who had difficulty in making them live.

    Too often, they become extras. A way of considering the problem is to ironically show their insignificance and their flimsiness.

    Kupfer makes them play cards, whereas Chéreau depicts them as slimy and obsequious courtiers.

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